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We’re an all online cook’s web site with a store of carefully selected kitchen items + thousands of recipes for everything from weeknight dinners to holiday hosting.


We got our kitchen started in 1998 when a team that worked together at Walt Disney Corporation paired up with Idealab and a cookbook publisher, combining cooking and retail knowledge to launch one awesome cooking web site. In 2013, we became a wholly owned subsidiary of Target Corporation and joined forces with CHEFS Catalog. With each year in the biz, we become more amazed by innovations in kitchenware and love nothing more than sharing them with you. We believe there’s a cook in everyone and we hope we can help you find yours!


We're just a click away! We’ve also got a network of stores with foodie partners by the likes of Epicurious, Calphalon, Rachael Ray, Paula Deen, Fresh Preserving Store, Emeril Lagasse, Butter Bell, Dunkin Donuts, Betty Crocker and Pillsbury. They’ve partnered with us for our longtime expertise in assorting kitchens for a myriad of lifestyles, and because we are all in it for the love of cooking. Visit their stores for our hand-picked selection.


We’re not just cookware. We’re not just recipes. We’re not just hundreds of thousands of kitchenware reviews. We’re not just top-notch customer service. We’re all of the above!

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