About Us


We're an all-cook’s destination comprised of two perfect parts: Cooking.com and CHEFS Catalog. Together we have more than 50 years of experience in food, cooking and kitchen product innovation! Cooking.com premiered as one of the first solely online kitchen retail and recipe destinations in 1998, while CHEFS Catalog began as a mail-order cataloger in 1979. In 2013, Target acquired and merged the content and technology expertise at Cooking with the merchandising know-how at CHEFS, creating one wholly owned subsidiary of Target Corporation. More importantly, we at Cooking.com and CHEFS Catalog are kitchen pros and passionate home foodies, and love nothing more than creating new and innovative recipes, food ideas and CHEFS Signature products.


Cooking.com is a content destination with thousands of recipes and articles inspiring everything from weeknight dinners to holiday hosting. CHEFS Catalog is our kitchen store with thousands of carefully selected kitchen items, including top brands as well as our own CHEFS Signature professional grade product line.


We're just a click away! For all things cooking, you’re in the right place at http://www.cooking.com. For all things kitchen, visit our store: http://www.chefscatalog.com.


Long-trusted CHEFS Catalog store and long-loved Cooking.com recipes form the perfect foodie marriage. We’re not just recipes. We’re not just cookware. We’re not just hundreds of thousands of kitchenware reviews. We’re not just top-notch customer care. We’re your Best Kitchen Ever!