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Since 1905, Anchor Hocking has produced glass household items that combine beautiful design and convenient practicality. Glass jars from Anchor Hocking are a kitchen staple when it comes to storing everything from bulk whole-wheat flour to delicious home-baked cookies, and glass measuring cups make it easy to ensure you've got just the right amount of each ingredient when preparing meals and desserts. Storage containers made of glass are durable enough for everyday use and let you easily see what's inside each unit without having to open the lid, while glass pie plates and trifle bowls help you prepare desserts that look as good as they taste. All Anchor Hocking products are manufactured in the USA, and the plastic used in Anchor Hocking lids is BPA-free for safety. Anchor Hocking is also committed to environmental responsibility, and in addition to ensuring that all glass products are fully recyclable, the company also reclaims all waste glass in the factory and uses recycled and recyclable packaging when possible.

Popular Styles:

When it comes to food preparation, we love mixing and stirring ingredients in our Anchor Hocking mixing bowls because the transparent sides ensure that we won't miss anything. Our storage container set comes in handy for storing leftovers and portioning out ingredients before we cook.

Brand Features:

Durable glass pieces make it easy to visually identify contents at a glance
  • Environmentally-friendly company policies
  • All Anchor Hocking products are made in the USA at factories in Ohio and Pennsylvania
  • Over 100 years of experience making glass products for home kitchens

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