With over a dozen collections, Anolon delivers gourmet cookware that meets the needs of individual cooks and kitchens. Anolon's renowned reputation for quality and style make these pots, pans and accessories popular choices for cooks of all levels, and the company's consistent dedication to innovation means you'll be preparing recipes with the latest technology on the market. Anolon was the pioneer of the flat-surface hard-anodized nonstick pan, and it continues to wow cooking enthusiasts with new designs and tools. Sear perfect steaks with nonstick skillets, simmer soups in a tapered sauce pot, and stir up quick glazes in open sauce pans to bring elegance to your dining table. Muffin pans, cookie sheets and cake pans with nonstick interiors let you bake perfect desserts, and you won't be foiled by cracked or stuck portions when it's time to decorate your creation. Specialty bakeware in fun shapes let you create holiday-themed cupcakes, delicious tarts or traditional pies, and innovative roasters deliver perfectly cooked and juicy meats to your serving platter.

Popular Styles:
Anolon's Nouvelle Copper collection features hard-anodized aluminum construction with a copper core for durability and even heating. Nonstick interiors and stainless steel lids offer convenient, easy-to-control cooking that is popular with amateur chefs throughout the country. The collection is available as a set or in individual pieces so that you can meet individual and family cooking needs.

Brand Features:
  • Hard-anodized aluminum construction
  • Industry-leading nonstick interiors
  • Many items are dishwasher safe when using mild detergents
  • Many stainless steel pots are safe for use in the oven
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