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Aprons, Mitts, and Potholders

Protect yourself and your clothes in the kitchen with aprons, mitts and potholders. We carry a wide selection of protective gear from top brands, including KatchAll, Outset, Steven Raichlen and Charcoal Companion. Whether you're looking for a simple apron to keep you clean and tidy during meal prep or you need something more heavy duty for grilling on the patio, we've got you covered. Simple potholders are a good choice when you need to take something small out of the oven. When you're working with heavy French ovens or large casserole dishes, oven mitts are the way to go, as they cover your entire hand and wrist to ensure that you won't get burned. Grill gloves are designed with fingers to give you ultimate mobility, and they are generally longer than traditional oven mitts so you can handle a blazing chimney starter, lift a hot grill grate or reach across the grill without risking burns.

Popular Styles:

Thigh-length aprons come in a variety of materials, designs and colors so you can look good and stay clean at the same time. Grilling aprons in heavy-duty leather have the added functionality of keeping you safe from burns with a flame-retardant lining. Keep a selection of simple potholders, aprons, and full-length oven or grill mitts on hand so that you will always have what you need when it's time to work with hot dishes.
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