The fun user-friendly products from Architec are regularly featured in contemporary magazines like All You, CookingLight, Family Circle and Food & Wine. The editors of those publications know that Architec delivers quality, durable items that make work in the kitchen efficient and easy, and we agree with them. We're happy to bring you a selection from the Architec catalog that includes unique cutting board solutions, eco-friendly measuring tools and an innovative tool to help you keep track of ingredients and instructions when cooking. Architec products are often dishwasher safe, which makes cleanup easy. Putting a cutting board in the dishwasher has the additional benefit of sanitizing the surface with very hot water and detergent, which is important if you use the same cutting board for raw meats and veggies or fruits you don't intend to cook. Architec's range of cutting boards features gripping surfaces, so you can slice safely without the board sliding around your counter. Once you cut ingredients and put them in the pot, you may want to add seasoning. Architec makes it easy to get the right amount of ingredients into each recipe with ecofriendly measuring cups and spoons featuring a unique bamboo material construction.

Popular Styles:

Whether you're using a recipe clipped from a magazine or something you printed from the Internet, Architec's popular recipe rock keeps your pages at an easy-to-read angle. The rocks, which come in several colors to match your decor, hold up to eight pages, keeping recipes off the counter where liquids can smudge print.

Brand Features:

  • Fun, modern kitchen products
  • Easy solutions for busy cooks
  • Many products made in the USA
  • Most products are dishwasher safe

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