Back to Basics

Back to Basics is a food prep and accessory line from West Bend ®. The line is characterized by bright, kid-friendly appliances such as Jelly Belly ice shavers and slushy syrup, as well as traditional products, including tub-style ice cream makers and manual apple corers and peelers. Feed the crowd at your next party with the help of popcorn machines and cotton candy makers, or keep refreshingly cold homemade treats on hand with ice pop molds. A full line of canning accessories, including jar and lid lifters, make your canning jobs even easier. Savor fruits and vegetables from your garden year-round with steam juicers and canners; or, if you prefer, opt for a water bath canner. Purchase only the utensils you need, or buy a whole set to try canning for the first time. Meat grinders and food strainers let you prepare homemade sauces and purees so you can maintain complete control over the ingredients you add to the pot. Specialty straining screens for berries, salsa and pumpkin let you maintain the preferred texture for jams and sauces.

Brand Features:

Colorful, stylish products that look and work great in your kitchen
  • Tools and appliances that are designed for everyday use
  • Limited warranties protect your investment in most products
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