Back to the Roots

What all began with a bucket, some recycled coffee grounds and a great idea is now an established brand that has received accolades from some of the most well-respected media personalities and outlets. Back to the Roots was started by two fraternity brothers who decided to ditch the professional business world after graduation and instead developed clever, sustainable products for people of all ages. From cultivating your own mushrooms in 10 days to using aquaponics to grow herbs and salad greens, Back to the Roots kits will teach you and your children about growing your own food in unique and clever ways. We love this brand's products because they're great tools for teaching children about sustainable, organic farming and connecting them with their food. Certified organic and made in the USA, all Back to the Roots products are designed to educate and inspire creativity in the kitchen.

Brand Features:

Innovative product line
  • Certified organic offerings
  • Committed to sustainability
  • Promotes education by donating products to elementary schools
  • Lauded by reputable critics and esteemed media outlets
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