From your grandmother's preserve-packed cabinets to contemporary island countertops, Ball® jars have helped keep food fresh and delicious through the years. Beginning with its origin as a family fruit-jar company in 1884 and surviving through a disastrous factory fire, Ball's preservation is as consistent as the products its provides. Time-tested traditions meet modern technology in today's Ball product line. Ball jars haven't changed a lot over the years, and we think that's a good thing. Jars in various sizes allow you to store jams, preserves, vegetables, fruits and meats with the same precision used by generations past. You can also use Ball's plastic storage jars to freeze leftovers, make freezer jam or take meals with you to work or school. Before you store it, you have to preserve it, and Ball's preservation kits, jam makers and canners take the guesswork out of the entire process. Caps, lids and labels ensure your food is covered and identifiable at all times, and Ball canning ingredients help you create a flawless product.

Popular Styles:
Save and savor food in just the right amounts with the multiple-sized jars available from Ball. Whether you're making 8 ounces of jelly or candy to give away as dinner-party favors or you're canning family-sized portions of green beans in half-gallon jars, we have a Ball jar that's the right size and style for your job. Wide-mouthed jars keep food under control when pouring, saving you a lot of cleanup and wasted ingredients

Brand Features:
  • Available in glass storage jars and plastic freezer jars
  • Wide-mouth jars make combining and pouring ingredients easier
  • Canning accessories increase efficiency for all-day preserving jobs
  • Quality Ball preserving and canning ingredients help ensure food stays fresher longer

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