Every kitchen should have a set of nonstick cookware to make preparing oil-free meals easy, and Ballarini delivers the products you need. Because Ballarini pots and pans are made of durable, lightweight aluminum, they conduct heat efficiently and give you consistent performance over time. Innovations specific to Ballarini cookware include the patented Keravis ™ three-coat nonstick surface on each pan, which uses titanium and ceramic particles to enhance the durability of the coating, and the ThermPoint heat indicator button that lets you see at a glance when the pan has reached the optimal temperature. Ballarini product design draws on traditional Italian cookware styles with innovative features tossed in to add even more functionality, so your pots and pans blend in visually with your contemporary kitchen. Individual pieces make it easy to build a cookware collection that includes the sizes and styles you use most, while full cookware sets supply the basic pieces you need to start cooking a variety of dishes right away.

Popular Styles:

We always keep our Ballarini frying pans close at hand so we can make everything from healthy sauteed chicken breasts with spinach to delicious scrambled eggs that slide right off the pan and onto our plates.

Brand Features:

Innovative nonstick coating is durable, reliable and long-lasting
  • Contemporary designs work well in modern kitchens
  • Classic pot and pan sizes make cooking your favorite recipes easy
  • Oven-safe pieces move easily between the stovetop and oven for convenient multi-step cooking

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