Bamix handheld blenders put the power of the blade safely in your hands. Blenders with two-speed motors perform basic mixing, whipping and chopping jobs, while immersion blenders with multiple blade attachments let you attack specialty prep work, including slicing cheese or vegetables. Use immersion blenders in place of traditional handheld mixers or pitcher-style blenders to beat eggs, whip cream or cream butter. Most of the Bamix handheld blenders work well with both cold and hot foods, which means you can puree hot soup ingredients for dinner, rinse the blade and churn out homemade milkshakes for dessert. Bamix blenders are all designed with slim drive shafts and handles, which means they’ll fit into almost any container. The blender head even fits in some large tumblers, so you can fashion personalized mixed drinks for all your guests. Bamix handheld blenders are easy to store when not in use: Stash them in a kitchen drawer or use the wall mount that comes with some models to keep them convenient at all times.

Brand Features:

Multi-year to lifetime warranties protect your investment
  • Lightweight designs make it easy for anyone to use the mixers
  • Blenders feature strong motors that power through food prep jobs

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