Bar Keepers Friend

Revive your old cooking appliances with Bar Keepers Friend cleaning products, which easily remove rust and lime buildup that can form on kitchen equipment or tools used indoors or outdoors. A single bottle can help clean sinks, countertops, faucets and cooktops, as well as tile or grout surfaces in your kitchen area. The solution works equally well on hard water stains without the need for harsh chlorine-based cleaners. Bar Keepers Friend products brighten chrome and shine copper or brass fixtures quickly and efficiently. The chemical solution in each bottle can cut through tough stains on tile and grout, but the non-chlorine formula won't damage sensitive nonporous countertops. Bar Keepers Friend cleaning products are free of harsh abrasives and won’t scratch acrylics or fiberglass surfaces. The wide selection of bottles and solution-delivery options makes it easy to find just the right spray or wipe-on solution.

Brand Features:

Effective removal of rust and lime
  • Non-chlorine formulas
  • Many bottle sizes and options
  • Cleans tile and grout
  • Scratch-free for use on acrylics
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