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Find the best, top-rated Bar Tools for your kitchen. Check back for the latest special values, bonuses and exclusives in Bar Tools. We know how important the right accessories can be to a great hostess, and barware is no exception. Wine just doesn't taste right in the wrong glass, and things like beer, scotch and mixed drinks take on an improved tone when they're delivered in delicate glassware or poured from a stylish carafe. Whether you're replacing a few broken glasses, adding to your barware collection, or outfitting your new dining room with all-new glass collections, we offer the selection you need to get the job done. Mix, pour or store drinks with the aplomb of a professional bartender, and impress your guests with fine glassware and other accessories that make your cocktail party shine.

Popular Styles:

Stemless wine glasses mark you as a sophisticated hostess, and knowing which glass to serve the red and white wine in only increases that impression. From beer glasses to burgundy goblets, we offer everything you need for an open bar. Glassware from Bar10der, BonJour, Calphalon, Fortessa, La Rochere, Lenox, Nautica and dozens of other brands give you plenty of styles to choose from. You can also purchase starter sets or full sets of eight or more glasses, depending on your dining room or bar needs.

Category Accessories

It's not all about the glassware when you're setting up a home bar. Create a more enjoyable experience by making it easy to pour any type of beverage. Electronic wine corkscrews and elegant bottle openers start the evening off right. When you're done with the drink, put a cork in it with style when you purchase fun or elegant bottle stoppers. Add smoothness to your wine by pouring it through an aerator, or serve up a side of cheese with a quality bar tray.

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