Barbecue and Patio

When grilling season comes around our BBQ and Patio ideas take center stage. Check out this section for everything from barbecues to grilling utensils and all your outdoor cooking needs.

For the charcoal-grill traditionalist, a classic Weber BBQ is tough to beat. The kettle-drum design was first born in 1951 and soon took over backyards across America. Not too much has changed in today's grill, but featured improvements like a One-Touch cleaning system where you simply slide a leaver to remove the ashes definitely take the sting out of the grill clean-up process.

For accessorizing your new grill, Charcoal Companion makes some of the best accessories to be found, from nonstick grill baskets to rib and roast holders and even a hot dog roller rack. But one of the biggest crazes in recent years in grilling utensils is the Pig Tail Food Flipper. Don't let the funny name fool you; this efficient tool is no joke. The sharply pointed "tail" end helps you turn any solid food with a quick flip of your wrist. It's easier to use than a spatula, or even that grill standard, tongs. Coming in two sizes, there's one for your kitchen grilling, too.

If you'd describe yourself as a grilling fanatic with a taste for the spicy Southwest, try using a jalapeño grill rack for your next party. This popular contraption will hold your stuffed jalapeños upright on your grill so they can be infused with the smoky flavors while they cook. Making these "poppers" adds another dimension to homemade bar food.
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