Whether you're preparing a pot of Ethiopian single-bean coffee for a group or making pour-over coffee with a locally roasted, fair-trade blend to enjoy by yourself, Bonavita products help you create a delicious cup from your favorite beans. Bonavita offers a wide range of coffee brewers and accessories; you can get a comprehensive brewer that does all the work for you or opt for an immersion dripper that lets you exert precise control when making a single cup. Bonavita brewers stand out because they're certified under the Specialty Coffee Association of America Certified Home Brewer program, which is only awarded to machines that meet certain technical specifications. Stainless steel kettles from Bonavita are designed with long necks that make producing a smooth stream of water for pour-over coffee easy, and electric kettles let you heat your water to the ideal temperature even when you don't have access to a stove. Pour-over stands, V-style drippers and electronic scales make it even easier to create a flavorful, aromatic cup of coffee. Every Bonavita product is designed to be both attractive and functional, and we love that these brewers and accessories deliver consistent, reliable performance every time.

Brand Features:

Dedicated to producing high-quality coffee brewers and accessories for home users
  • Impressive design focused on eye-catching style and consistent performance
  • Electric coffee brewers from Bonavita belong to the Specialty Coffee Association of America Certified Home Brewer program

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