From waste bins to breadboxes, Brabantia products have provided sanitary, design-worthy functionality to kitchens for almost 100 years. With a tradition of design by engineers and artisans, Brabantia products combine functionality and beauty to bring sleek elements to every area of your kitchen. Convenient touch-bin wastebaskets offer silent one-touch open and close tops, letting you toss garbage out with easy. The bin design makes it easy to remove a full bag, and a nonslip bottom keeps the garbage can in place while you take care of business. If you're less hands on when it comes to the trash bin, you can also opt for Brabantia's pedal wastebasket for opening and closing with your food. It's not all about tossing out the scraps, though. Brabantia is also known for its top-rated breadboxes. Sleek contemporary designs will look great on your cabinet and easy-open lids give you access to bread or snacks anytime. Bring the functionality outside of the kitchen with Brabantia whole-home products like drying racks or ironing boards.

Popular Styles:
Brabantia breadboxes are highly rated both for functionality and for good looks. The boxes are designed to keep bread fresh without requiring you to store them in hard-to-open containers or out-of-way places. Keep the sleek box on your counter and everyone can reach for delicious bagels, muffins or loaves of bread for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack.

Brand Features:

  • Smart, innovative designs
  • Colorful, sleek modern looks
  • Generous warranties, sometimes 10 years or more
  • Products that meet the needs of busy, modern kitchens
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