As a manufacturer of all types of outdoor gear, Brinkmann understands what is required to create durable, functional outdoor cooking tools. We know that you may want to cook hot meals in your own backyard, at friend's homes, at campsites or during tailgating parties, and we know that Brinkmann has the experience and know-how to bring you safe, reliable products that make all those outdoor cooking plans possible. From smokers and grills to lighting that lets you cook in safety, the Brinkmann products in our catalog are selected for the amount of additional functionality they provide to your outdoor kitchen setting. Whether you're grilling hotdogs in a makeshift camp space or bringing a smoked turkey to perfection on your deck, you'll enjoy the easy-to-use products offered by Brinkmann. Brinkmann smokers and grills feature different designs, including a front, hinged door design that makes it easy to monitor food while cooking. Select a grill that meets your need for portability, and cook up to 50 pounds of food safely and easily.

Popular Styles:
Brinkmann grills are known for their function, durable designs, making them a favorite of outdoor gourmets everywhere. Solar-powered lights are another favorite from Brinkmann, offering you the chance to line your deck or cooking area with automated lighting. The party doesn't have to stop when the sun comes down — everyone can continue to enjoy the well-lit area safely.

Brand Features:

  • Backed by 30 years of experience
  • High-quality outdoor cooking tools from a company that understands outdoor lifestyles
  • Most items come with warranties of a year or more
  • Durable construction that makes it easy to move products as needed
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