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As a subsidiary of a well-respected manufacturer of commercial cooking equipment, Broil King brings home chefs durable industrial-grade cooking equipment on a scale that works in residential kitchens. From buffet tools to convection ovens, Broil King provides the tools you need to create healthy, scrumptious meals in an efficient manner. Use Broil King's large, nonstick griddles to cook entire breakfasts on your countertop, reducing the heat dispersed into your kitchen or the draw on your gas stove resources. Using the smaller and more efficient cooking surface may also reduce general heat in your home during the warmer months. You don't need a stove to cook soups, pastas or meats in a pot, either. With Broil King's single or double countertop range, you can cook in any location that offers a flat space and an electrical outlet. Bring your gourmet skills to an office or dorm room. Once you prepare your meal, keep everything warm while guests eat or serve themselves by using a Broil King warming tray or buffet server. Triple or double buffet servers are the perfect dining accessory for hosts or hostesses who regularly entertain around mealtime.

Popular Styles:

Broil King's line of professional griddles are popular for making pancakes, hamburgers or grilled sandwiches. The large surface makes it possible to prepare multiple items at the same time, and you can select from griddles that come with buffet or splatter guards to keep cleanup to a minimum.

Brand Features:

  • High-grade stainless steel finish
  • Manufactured in the United States
  • Efficient modern designs
  • Warranties on all products
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