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Although it's still a relatively young company, Brooklyn Brew Shop — established in 2009 — has made a big splash in the world of home brewing. The founders are two young New York City residents who wanted to make at-home beer brewing possible for those who live with the space constraints of city dwelling. The result is a series of stovetop brewing kits and mixes that simplify the process of brewing real craft beer and hard cider. The wide variety of flavors available range from The Hop Head, for those who like hoppy beers, to Everyday IPA, Grapefruit Honey Ale and Jalapeno Saison. Brooklyn Brew Shop carries all the accessories you need to make your own brew, as well as books to help you improve your brewing game, and shirts to proclaim your mastery of the process.

Popular Styles:

While Brooklyn Brew Shop is best known for its ingredient mixes for home-brewed beer, it also carries a limited line of barware. Beer tasting sets are equipped with everything you need to host a tasting party, including glasses and notebooks.

Brand Features:

Wide variety of beer and cider mixes
  • Everything you need to make your own beer from real ingredients
  • Simplifies the beer-brewing process

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