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Bring luxury to your table at any price point with flatware from Cambridge Silversmiths, available at Elegant, functional styles in over 250 designs make it easy to add class to your dining service. The family behind Cambridge Silversmiths has been involved in the tabletop accessories business for over 50 years. In 1990, Robert Freemon launched Cambridge Silversmiths, which quickly became an industry leader in the flatware industry. Bring classic and contemporary designs to every price range, Cambridge Silversmiths makes it possible for anyone to set a beautiful dining table. We know that displaying your personal style in an elegant manner is important, which is why we love the fact that Cambridge Silversmiths carries over 250 designs in a range of forged and stamped products. We make it easy for you to browse the most popular collections, including bold satin service that will match any china and casual Jubilee services that feature colorful, comfortable handles. Bring an artistic touch to your table with flatware that features etched designs, or keep it simple with a sleek, high-polish finish. Choose from flatware service for four or eight people depending on the size of your family and you regular entertaining needs. A generous manufacturer's warranty and the ability to replace single pieces in some sets ensures you'll receive long-lasting benefits from your flatware investment.

Popular Styles:
Jubilee services from Cambridge Silversmiths are popular for informal gatherings and everyday dining. Riveted handles and stainless steel construction make Jubilee utensils a durable option that will stand up to use by the entire family, and a well-balanced, thick handle makes forks and knives easy to maneuver for all ages. Add in the fact that they're dishwasher safe, and you have a perfect flatware set for daily use.

Brand Features:
  • Over 250 original flatware designs
  • Backed by five generations of experience and skill
  • 25-year warranty
  • Ability to purchase sets or replacement pieces

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