When it comes to infusing food with a delicious smoked or grilled flavor, Camerons provides the right tools and accessories. The company has been making products for indoor and outdoor use for over 25 years and features a full line of products designed to create flavorful meals without the addition of extra oil or salt. Wood chips with flavor infusions ranging from hickory to apple barbecue are cut to just the right size for your indoor smoker unit or grill-ready smoker box. Fill a Camerons self-contained single-use smoker bag with your favorite meat, fish or vegetables and relax while your meal cooks over an open flame. All of Camerons' products are designed to be easy to use, so everyone from first-time outdoor cooks to seasoned grill masters can produce delicious meals.

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A convenient stovetop smoker from Camerons makes it easy to create smoked brisket, salmon or ribs indoors, so weather is never a factor if you've got smoked meat on the menu. Whether you're cooking on the grill, with a stovetop smoker or over a campfire, mesquite-scented wood chips from Cameron give your meal a unique flavor that stands out from standard grilled fare.

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