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Canning is a good way to enjoy your favorite fruits and vegetables all year long. It has many benefits, from reducing the waste associated with prepackaged meals to giving you the opportunity to eat foods without any preservatives or additives. You can even use canning to preserve meats, seafood, poultry and nuts.

The jars you use for canning have a big impact on the flavor and quality of preserved food. Look for mason-style jars, which have wide rims. This type of rim prevents spoilage by creating a better seal than other types of jars. Mason jars also resist breaking under high pressure, which is essential if you want to use them for canning. If you plan to freeze food in a mason jar, look for a jar with a wide mouth. Jars with regular mouths are not suitable for freezing because they cannot accommodate expanding liquids. If you do not already have a canner, look for one with silicone-covered handles. These handles will protect your skin when handling hot foods. Make sure the model you choose is compatible with your stovetop so that you get the best results. Labeling canned items makes it easy to see what you have on hand and plan your meals accordingly. Instead of writing on your canning jars with marker that fades with time, use dissolvable labels. This type of label adheres to jars while in storage, but you will not have to struggle to get rid of the adhesive when you are ready to reuse the jar. With a little warm water, the adhesive will dissolve quickly.
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