Cape Cod

Make fast work of polishing all types of metal in your home with Cape Cod metal polishing products and soft polishing cloths that make caring for metal servingware simple and convenient. Beloved for use in both residential and commercial settings, this line of reusable polishing cloths and accessories not only cleans and restores the luster of metal flatware, but also protects them so they look their best years later. Designed for silver, pewter, gold, brass, copper, stainless steel, nickel and aluminum, Cape Cod products leave behind an anti-tarnish finish that lives up to the company's motto that "Everything Old is New Again." Use the brand's metal polishing cloths to restore the look of gold or silver flatware, cookware, serving utensils or even picture frames and decorative items around your home.

Popular Styles:

Cape Cod polishing cloths are among the company's most sought-after offerings since they're designed for use on all fine metals and leave behind a pleasant fragrance. Convenient packaging is another bonus of this popular product, which is great for homeowners, commercial property managers or cleaning services.

Brand Features:

Manufactures and distributes convenient solutions for cleaning metal tableware, silverware, flatware and servingware
  • Offers disposable polishing cloths, buffing cloths, touch-up gloves, detail brushes and more
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