CasaWare is one of the first companies to bring vibrantly colored, highly functional bakeware into home kitchens. All of its products start with a carbon-steel core that offers exceptional heat retention and distribution so your baked goods are cooked to perfection. The interior cooking surface is then coated with a double layer of ceramic nonstick coating in an elegant cream color that's designed to make it easy to see your food's progress as you peer into the oven window. The nonstick coating is extremely durable and heat resistant up to 536 degrees F. The exterior coating is a vibrant, primary tone that will add a pop of color to your kitchen and bakeware collection, and the dishes are stylish enough that you can take your food from the oven straight to the table. Many of the company's products are designed for use in standard ovens, and each piece has thoughtful touches that make this bakeware highly functional and easy to use.

Brand Features:

High-quality bakeware in thoughtful sizes and shapes
  • Only brand that uses two layers of ceramic coating for an exceptional nonstick surface
  • Bakeware comes in vibrant colors to add life to your kitchen

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