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An internationally famous chef, Cat Cora’s culinary excellence garners professional accolades as well as the highest praise from diners. While her “Teacher of the Year” award bestowed by Bon Appetit magazine is the recognition she most values, she is also the only female to have earned the title of Iron chef. These honors bespeak her superlative training at the renowned Culinary Institute of America along with her apprenticeships to Michelin chefs George Blanc and Roger Verge. Coupled with her prowess in the kitchen, these accomplishments have enabled her to establish herself firmly in the center of the culinary world, with several restaurants, television cooking shows, cookbooks and her own product lines of cookware and specialty food products.

Designed with the home cook in mind, each of Cat Cora’s products is based on her overall philosophy of cooking ease and eco-friendliness. Case in point, the Cat Cora by Starfrit cookware line enables cooks of all ability levels to prepare and serve any recipe precisely and perfectly. In addition to her first-class cooking essentials encompassing Acacia wood utensils from spatulas to spoons, seven different knives, two wood cutting boards and cooking tools that include two scales and a burger press, the line offers three different varieties of cookware sets as well as elegant cook-and-serve pieces.

Offering high durability and superior heat distribution, each of the cookware sets also provides distinctive details. The 10-piece collection of heavy-gauge non-stick cookware, with its extra thick base, browns foods to perfection while also providing a scratch resistant, non-stick interior that makes clean-up simple and meals healthier. Meanwhile, the 10-piece tri-ply stainless steel set includes a graduated interior for easy measuring and is oven safe up to 500° while the 12-piece stackable stainless steel set offers convenient storage along with glass lids that make checking food a breeze.

The chic design of the Cook ‘N Serve casserole pans is just the beginning. Moving easily and beautifully from oven to table, these stainless steel pans are available in graduated sizes from 1.5 quarts to 5.9 quarts. Not only do they provide professional results for grilling, roasting, frying and searing, but they also maintain food’s temperature after cooking. Additionally, like the stackable stainless steel pans, glass lids accompany these pans, enabling cooks to keep an eye on the contents as it cooks.

In addition to all these pans and utensils for exquisite cooking, Cat Cora also offers delicious recipes on her website and in three wonderful cookbooks — Cat Cora’s Kitchen, Cooking from the Hip and Cat Cora’s Classics with a Twist — as well as delectable ingredients such as award-winning extra virgin olive oils, four Greek cooking sauces and five savory tapenades. A bounty of enticing olives and even elegant wines are also part of the Cat Cora line. From the very best cookware and utensils to the finest ingredients and recipes, Cat Cora offers the home cook everything needed for cooking success.

Her Cookware line is a distinctive look like no other available in blue, red, black and woodgrain look. Her cutlery line includes a Good Housekeeping Top Pick award for her 8 inch Chef Knife!

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