Catskill Craftsmen

Catskill Craftsmen creates beautiful, durable natural wooden kitchen goods that combine both form and function. Elegant wooden lazy Susans with rotating bottoms are perfect for kitchen organization or sharing food with a group. Natural, self-healing wood cutting boards help protect countertops, and Catskill Craftsmen's pastry boards make baking easier. Many pieces feature exceptionally sturdy handles for easy transport from the kitchen work area to your dinner or living room table. Catskill Craftsmen uses renewable resources when creating all its products, and leftover wood and sawdust is repackaged into pellets to help provide heat for homes, allowing the company to generate no wood waste.

Popular Styles:

Popular items available from Catskill Craftsmen include kitchen storage solutions and all-wood cutting boards. Enjoy the beautiful natural wood look in all three styles.

Brand Features:

Elegant wooden pieces for the home and kitchen
  • Uses self-sustaining and non-endangered natural wooden materials
  • Eco-friendly operations that generate no wood waste
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