When it comes to tracking the internal temperature of meat on the grill or counting down the minutes until chocolate chip cookies are baked to perfection, kitchen timers and thermometers are essential. CDN is the only company focused solely on time and temperature devices for the kitchen, and it offers plenty of options. If you're a beginner cook, CDN timers can eliminate the guesswork when it comes to keeping track of how long your food has been on the stove or in the oven. Large digits let you watch the countdown from across the room, or you can opt for a compact timer that clips onto your apron or fits in a pocket. Fork thermometers take the temperature of meat with a simple poke, while electric probe thermometers come with a cord that lets you keep the probe in the meat while the display unit stays safely away from the heat.

Popular Styles:

We love our multitask timer from CDN because it lets us keep track of a few different dishes at once. It's simple to set one alarm for a simmering sauce, another for steaks on the grill and a third for cornbread in the oven.

Brand Features:

Reliable timekeeping and temperature-sensing tools for everyday meals
  • Innovative product line with plenty of unique features that simplify the cooking process
  • Family-owned business for over 25 years
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