Chantal cookware and oven-to-table bakeware feature elegant construction and vibrant colors that make it easy to serve beautiful food using the same pans in which you cook. Many Chantal pieces are made from stainless steel or stoneware to ensure their lasting durability, and tableware features the same high-quality, long-lasting construction. The company's innovative designs, such as tempered glass lids and stay-cool handles, simplify cooking tasks while other products, such as tea kettles and tea pots with matching tea holders, make it easy to organize your kitchen. Some Chantal pieces even have universal designs that allow left- or right-handed users to handle them with equal ease.

Popular Styles:

Popular styles include bakeware, cookware and tableware with robust designs. Durable bakeware from the company does not easily scratch or stain, retaining its high-quality functionality through countless uses. Chantal cookware features the same vibrant colors found in the brand's other pieces, and tableware combines form and function for an enhanced dining experience.

Brand Features:

Innovative styles and engineering results in versatile products
  • Company first to bring tempered glass lids and stay-cool handles to market
  • Elegant design and robust colors help service pieces stand out
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