Chaparral Gardens

Chaparral Gardens produces delicious vinegars perfect for holiday occasions or everyday dining. The high-quality ingredients used in each batch lend exceptional flavor, and the artisanal vinegars are hand-crafted in small batches for consistent taste and color. Careful attention to aging ensures that the flavors of the ingredients shine through, and the base used in the vinegar is kosher for consumption. Born from an abundance of raspberries during a particularly rich harvest on the two-acre farm of its creators, Chaparral Gardens has continued producing exceptionally rich and flavorful vinegars ever since. The fruits, vegetables and herbs used in the production of the vinegar are grown on an organic farm on California's Central Coast, and each ingredient is handpicked. Chaparral Gardens’ vinegars come in beautiful traditional bottles or gift packs. The traditional bottles are excellent for everyday use, letting you mix your own delicious salad dressings or add flavor to grilled meat and vegetables. Gift packs make it easy to share your favorite flavors with friends and family.

Brand Features:

Handpicked fruits grown in the USA
  • Organic farming methods provide high-quality ingredients
  • Small-batch production ensures consistent quality
  • Made with care on a two-acre farm on California's Central Coast
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