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Charcoal Companion specializes in products that assist the outdoor chef. From grilling accessories to safety gloves, Charcoal Companion products ensure a safe, productive and fun backyard barbecue, no matter what you plan on cooking up. Basting brushes, spatulas and tongs let you season each piece of meat, turn cuts of steak or links of sausage without spilling inner juices and serve cooked foods up in style.

Protect cooked food with a food tent while you wait for guests to gather, and wow friends and family when you use Charcoal Companion serving accessories to add flair to your deck or picnic table. From the simple to the sublime, Charcoal Companion helps you dish up delectable outdoor meals. Start with charcoal lighting assistance, cook with the help of racks and baskets and season each piece to perfection with ingredients from Charcoal Companion. Serve up juicy burgers, mouth-watering chicken and grilled vegetables using fun, colorful serving baskets and platters.

Popular Styles:

We know facing a hungry crowd with undercooked or burnt meat can be frustrating, which is why we're happy to carry skewers, grill baskets and racks from Charcoal Companion. Nonstick surfaces and designs that optimize even heating make these accessories popular selections for grilling enthusiasts of all levels. Racks and baskets also fold for easy storage once you're done serving the neighborhood.

Brand Features:

  • Durable materials that won't rust when exposed to marinades
  • Folding baskets and racks for convenient grilling assistance
  • Nonstick surfaces for easy clean up
  • Colorful serving accessories to enhance the cookout environment

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