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Chef's Choice made a splash in the cooking world in the mid-1980s when it brought an electric knife sharpener to market. Delighted that they didn't have to spend time running knives over stones to get quality edges that would do the job with meats, fruits and vegetables, professional chefs like Julia Child praised the innovative knife sharpener, and it didn't take long for Chef's Choice to bring that design spirit to other products. From knife-sharpening stations to waffle makers, you can bring the quality electrical appliances of Chef's Choice to your countertops. For more traditional knife solutions, Chef's Choice offers a number of manual sharpening tools, including sharpeners that work with kitchen scissors and other utensils that require a good edge. Chef's Choice also sells replacement knives and replacement blades for things like pizza cutters. Whatever you need to dice, slice or chop, you'll be ready for the job when you have a sharpener from Chef's Choice in your kitchen.

Popular Styles:
Since the 1990s, one of Chef's Choice’s most popular products has been the electric knife sharpener. Removing a tedious task from the kitchen maintenance process gives professional and home chefs more time to spend on the work that matters: crafting delicious recipes for the table. Today, Chef's Choice offers electronic and manual knife sharpeners to meet every space or functional need. From systemic sharpening stations to handheld devices, you'll find the item you need to keep your edge in the kitchen.

Brand Features:
  • State-of-the-art kitchen technology
  • Recommended by professional chefs
  • Commercial-grade knives, slicers and accessories
  • World's largest selection of sharpeners
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