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A chef's knife is one of the most versatile kitchen tools you can buy. This type of knife makes it easier to smash fresh garlic, work with large cuts of meat, make precision julienne cuts and perform basic slicing and chopping tasks. A chef's knife differs from other types of cutlery in that it has a wide triangular blade. As a result, it rocks back and forth in a smooth motion while you are mincing, chopping and dicing.

Sometimes a small chef's knife is a better tool for the job than a large one. A 6-inch chef's knife makes it easier to smash garlic or mince your favorite fresh herbs. This size is also ideal for slicing cantaloupe and other types of fruit. If durability is one of your top priorities, choose a chef's knife with a stainless steel blade. The 8-inch chef's knife is slightly larger than the 6-inch version, but it is still very lightweight. This will give you better control of the knife and improve the precision of each cut you make. Bigger jobs call for a bigger knife, so you should also have a 10-inch chef's knife in your collection. A chef's knife of this size makes it easy to make long cuts, so you will have an easier time cutting whole watermelons or chopping cabbage. You can also save time by using the long blade to chop several things at the same time. Chopping four carrots or five celery stalks at a time is possible if you have the right chef's knife.

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