Sharpen your fine cutlery to a “better than factory” edge at home with speed, ease and accuracy with the revered line of electric and manual sharpeners from Chef'sChoice.

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In 1985, Chef’s Choice made culinary history. That was the year the company unveiled its revolutionary Model 100 electric knife sharpener and forever changed the way the cooking world sharpened its blades. Home cooks and professional chefs alike immediately embraced this new technology, and were amazed and delighted with its performance and quality. For the first time, cooks could easily and confidently sharpen their blades in seconds. Even the legendary Julia Child praised the innovative product, which gave chefs the power to keep their knives in perfect shape for slicing meat, chopping vegetables, paring fruit and every other cutting task.

Today Chef’s Choice continues to produce the most advanced sharpeners on the market. From electric sharpening stations that can handle multiple blade styles to high-performance manual knife sharpeners, Chef’sChoice remains on the proverbial cutting edge of cutting technology. They’ve also brought their spirit of innovation to a variety of other products, including waffle makers, electric food slicers and hot beverage makers. As legions of loyal users of Chef’s Choice sharpeners will attest, these fine products are easy to use, built to last a lifetime, and deliver professional-quality performance.

Popular Styles:
  • Chef’s Choice Professional Sharpening Station and Platinum Professional Sharpening Station are considered the industry standard for electric sharpeners. Their angle guides and three-stage sharpening process guarantee precise results for professional chefs and home users of any level of experience.
  • The M120 EdgeSelect Professional Knife Sharpener is the modern descendant of the original groundbreaking Chef’sChoice electric sharpener. Its conical, 100% diamond-coated sharpening disks and revolutionary stropping/polishing disk create an edge of unprecedented sharpness in seconds.
  • Chef’sChoice waffle makers have proven to be as beloved as their legendary sharpeners. From classic Belgian waffles to charming heart-shaped waffles, Chef’sChoice offers makers in a variety of styles, all with advanced technology that makes waffles with breathtaking speed and maximum texture control.
  • Chef’sChoice electric food slicers are powerful and precise enough for commercial use, yet easy to use and versatile enough for any cook’s home slicing needs. These slicers feature high torque motors than run cool and can smoothly slice roasts and hams from deli-thin to .75-inch slices.

Brand Features:
  • Chef’sChoice sharpeners feature the brand’s signature diamond abrasives, angle guides and multiple sharpening stages to allow users to easily and consistently achieve a durable, better-than-factory, arch-shaped edge.
  • All Chef’s Choice electric sharpeners are engineered and assembled in the USA.
  • Boasting the world’s largest selection of sharpeners, Chef’sChoice products are recommended by professional chefs around the globe.
  • Chef’sChoice offers a professional knife sharpener for every budget and sharpening need.
  • Commercial-grade knives, food slicers, commercial kitchen electrics and accessories.
  • Edgecraft Corporation, which launched Chef’sChoice in 1985, is headquartered in Avondale, PA.

Using Chef’s Choice professional-quality sharpeners and cooking products assures that you’ll never have a dull moment in the kitchen!

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