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For more than 100 years, Chicago Metallic has supplied professional and amateur bakers with the tools they need to make delicious baked goods. Chicago Metallic offers traditional uncoated and nonstick bakeware, so you can choose what's right for your kitchen. While the nonstick pans are easy to clean, you need to use safe spatulas and other utensils with them. If your favorite spoons and spatulas are metal, opt for the traditional versions of Chicago Metallic's bakeware. There's a huge variety of bread pans, ranging from small mini-loaf pans to specialty baguette pans. If muffins are on your menu, choose between traditional muffin tins and muffin top pans. With the muffin top pans, you get more of the muffin's crunchy goodness. The baking sheets heat evenly, so your cookies will be cooked to perfection. Chicago Metallic also offers bakeware that's perfectly designed for cheesecakes, tartlets, cakes and crème brulée. The bakeware isn't solely designed for breads and sweets. You'll also find lasagna pans, meatball bakers, taco shell racks, and other specialty items. While these great items work well enough for professional bakers, their prices please amateur bakers who want to serve their family and friends restaurant-quality baked goods.

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If you're serious about baking, try Chicago Metallic's line of bakeware. The Professional line of products includes roasting pans, cake pans and baking sheets, all of which are suitable for frequent use. The Premium line of products includes loaf pans, taco pans and muffin top pans, allowing you to bake restaurant-quality baked goods in your own home.

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