Clearbrook Farms

Products from Clearbrook Farms let you quickly and easily create tasty treats, whether you're prepping the menu for a wedding or whipping up an impromptu snack for your little ones. Enjoy fresh, made-from-scratch flavor from the convenience of a premade, easy-to-open product every time you make a meal or dessert from the delicious offerings of this trusted brand. Refrigeration is not immediately required for many of the brand's goodies, so you can take your time as you host a birthday party at the park or have a romantic picnic with your significant other. Some Clearbrook Farms products are even gluten-free, making it easy for you to honor all of the different dietary needs of your loved ones. Baking and heating are not required, so you can snack on crisp tart shells directly from the box or lick a spoon coated with fruit butter. Keep several boxes on hand so that you're always prepared for anything that comes up, whether you have unexpected dinner guests or suddenly remember that you agreed to bring a dessert to tomorrow's potluck party.

Brand Features:

High-quality ingredients
  • Products conveniently packaged in ready-to-use jars and boxes
  • Versatile products can be used in sweet or savory recipes
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