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Coffee Grinders

Whether you prefer a basic brew or a cup of gourmet java, using freshly ground beans is one of the easiest ways to improve the flavor of any cup of coffee. With the right coffee grinder, you can quickly grind whole beans to suit your tastes, eliminating the need to buy prepackaged coffee grounds at the supermarket. We recommend using a grinder for delicious results every time you brew a cup of coffee.

Some coffee experts say coffee begins to oxidize as soon as it is ground. Coffee enthusiasts refer to this process as staling. If you want to avoid staling and enjoy the natural flavor of your favorite coffee, grind the beans just before you put them in the coffee maker. Coffee grinders come in two different styles: the kind with a fitted blade and the kind with a burr. Models with fitted blades are often less expensive than those with burrs, so they are a good choice if price is one of your most important considerations. The major benefit of using a burr grinder is that the burr grinds coffee beans very consistently. This will help you avoid powdering of coffee grounds that can make an inconsistent brew of coffee. An electric burr grinder will save you time, but a hand-cranked burr grinder is better if you enjoy working with coffee beans. Hand-cranked models also travel well, making them ideal for camping and road trips. The right coffee grinder will help you brew a better-tasting cup of coffee, so pick a model and start grinding to enjoy all the benefits.
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