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Coffee Presses

The coffee aficionado within will appreciate the added flavor that a coffee press brings to the coffee experience. The coffee press is sometimes referred to as a French press and is classified by the number of cups that the machine brews. Coffee experts agree that you need to invest in a good coffee bean grinder to get the most out of your coffee press, since a coarse grind is recommended for use with most presses. Coffee presses deliver dark, deep coffee with a full robust flavor, and is perfect for the coffee lover who loves a strong flavorful cup. This flavor is enhanced by the process of pressing since it traps essential oils in a filter, delivering high-quality coffee that coffee purists will appreciate. When buying your coffee press, perhaps the biggest consideration is how many cups you want to make at once, although some presses are sold by the number of ounces that the unit brews. The coffee press brand may also be of importance to you, and many of the brands you trust for high-quality cookware, bakeware and small appliances manufacture coffee presses and French presses. There are also special coffee presses that also double as espresso makers so that you can enjoy coffee when you want it or espresso when you want a bigger jolt of caffeine. Since the coffee press brews the coffee but does not keep it hot, a double-walled aluminum coffee press or a stoneware press is a good option when maintaining the temperature of your brew is important.
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