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Kitchen tools, from basic cooking utensils to task-specific baking tools, come in so many shapes and sizes, it can be hard to sift through what you need. Our Cooking Tools Department comes to the rescue, with top-rated and reviewed and best-selling items front-and-center. We'll get you started with a few of our favorites.

Starting with a basic, versatile and durable All-Clad mixing bowls will last through every cookie dough and cake batter adventure you can muster. Their heavy-gauge stainless steel and ergonomically calibrated shape and handles are well worth the investment. In addition their fully rounded shape makes them easy to store.

On the basic utensils front, check out reasonably priced Calphalon utensils. One of their convenient sets comes with its own stainless storage crock, a nylon slotted spoon, a nylon turner, an all-purpose wood turner, wooden spoon and a large and small silicone scraper.

For those with an eye toward ergonomics in the kitchen, OXO is your brand. Their famous non-slip, heat-resistant Good Grips utensils are not only dishwasher safe, but easy on your nonstick cookware as well. OXO also offers V-Blade Mandoline Slicers, salad spinners, can openers, apple corers, meat tenderizers and strainers and more, all with an eye toward ease of use.

Kuhn Rikon is a great brand to turn to for colorful and effective vegetable peelers. They've been famous for their Original Swiss Peeler for over 20 years, boasting a super sharp carbon blade, and a design that works for both right- and left-handed use. And their innovative Corn Peeler will strip the kernels safely and cleanly off the cob and directly into your soup, salad or chili. Also popular are their flexible metal spatulas, capable of flipping even the most delicate of fish filets or fresh-baked cookies with ease.
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