Cooking Tricks You Won't Believe


Cooking doesn't always have to be "by the book." We all have that friend who refuses to adhere to recipes when cooking. Or perhaps you have a mom who insists that every family recipe is perfected with “a little bit of this and a little bit of that.” Or maybe you’re just bored with your kitchen routine and want a new way to play in the kitchen. This infographic is our personal call-out to those who don’t like to be pinned down to traditional ways of getting a recipe made.

In this case, we’ve dug up some quirky and inventive ways to make favorite comfort food recipes. Though we did find recipes that stick to a traditional recipe format, we made it our goal to find ones that will help you think of cooking in a different light – and make you feel pretty darn resourceful while you’re at it. From “man bacon” in a waffle maker to grilled cheese sandwiches made with a clothing iron, these recipes will have you start thinking of new ways you can use your kitchen (and non-kitchen) appliances. We particularly love the 3-minute microwave chocolate cake.

In addition, we’ve also dug up some fun cooking tips to save you time cooking, day in and day out. You might not have known that soaking cutting boards in vinegar actually removes bad smells, for example. From peeling a head of garlic using just a covered salad bowl to using shower caps as bowl lids (how genius is that?), this little graphic will come in handy. We promise. Guide to Cooking Tricks

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