CorningWare products deliver exceptional efficiency and style. Durable stoneware material allows CorningWare products to last, even with regular use in either home or commercial kitchens. We enjoy how the elegant designs of CorningWare products make them excellent serving pieces that look and perform equally well in modern and traditional kitchen settings. The fluted design of CorningWare has become a recognizable hallmark of the storied brand, and it serves a valuable function on some dishes by helping ensure thorough cooking. The natural nonstick surface of many CorningWare bakeware items allows everything from loaves of bread to pot roasts and pork loins to slide off easily after cooking. The sturdy material is safe for use in your freezer, oven or microwave, which allows you to prepare ingredients and freeze them in bakeware containers, put the containers into the oven to finish cooking, and then present the finished products to guests using only a single piece of stoneware. CorningWare items often come with a limited warranty against defects for added peace of mind, and their long-lasting durability ensures that they will continue to deliver even heating without chipping or cracking over time.

Brand Features:

High-quality stoneware materials building on space-flight technology
  • Containers and bakeware safe for freezer, oven and microwave use
  • Innovative designs that put the company at the forefront of bakeware development
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