CucinaPro ™ offers specialty electrics and other culinary tools built for the gourmet side of every home cook. From waffle makers designed to turn out fancy shapes to food mills and ricers, CucinaPro helps you create delicious homemade items. Specialty electrics such as crepe makers, electric skillets, grinders and bakers are designed with the precision and quality required by catering and restaurant professionals, so you can rely on these machines in your home kitchen. Most CucinaPro appliances are also designed with space and ergonomics in mind, making them easy to store on or under your counter. The line of pasta-making products includes pasta machines as well as attachments for ravioli and other specialty shapes. Handheld utensils include spaetzle makers, cheese graters, food strainers and manual cookie presses.

Popular Styles:

We know healthy living is important in many homes, which is why we love that CucinaPro offers Imperia pasta machines and accessories. By making pasta at home, you can enjoy favorite dishes while controlling the ingredients to keep the fat, calories and sodium down.

Brand Features:

Wide assortment of kitchen electrics for all your specialty cooking needs
  • Warranties of one year or more on most products
  • Classic designs for timeless functionality in the kitchen
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