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Cutting Boards

A high-quality cutting board is a must for every chef. In addition to protecting your countertops against nicks and other damage, cutting boards also protect the edges of your knives, make it easier to move chopped food into pots and pans, and help prevent cross-contamination when working with meats and fish. If you are in need of a new cutting board, choose one made of plastic, wood or bamboo for best results.

Flexible chopping mats are ideal if you have limited storage space. They're thin and bend easily, so you can store them almost anywhere. Flexible mats also travel well, so you can use them for picnics, camping and barbecues. An added bonus of using a flexible mat is that you can fold it into a funnel shape and transfer food into pots and pans without making a mess. Keep several flexible mats on hand so you can work with produce, meats and breads without having to reuse the same board. Wooden cutting boards are an attractive addition to any kitchen. A high-quality wooden cutting board will last for years, especially if you oil it regularly. You can disinfect a wooden board with bleach, or you can use vinegar if you prefer a more natural cleaning method. Some wooden boards even have grooves that capture meat juices and prevent them from leaking onto countertops and other surfaces, making them the perfect choice for carving your holiday turkey or roast. Wood cutting boards are available in a variety of styles and prices, ranging from the affordable to the expensive. If you invest in a good one and care for it properly, it will last for many years to come.
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