Dammann Freres Tea

We believe that no home is truly complete without a good assortment of teas, a beverage world-renowned for its health benefits and a great alternative to coffee. Dammann Freres offers a distinctive selection of tea blended using French-quality techniques and care. If you enjoy the delicate flavor of jasmine, try a smooth blend of Chinese green tea scented with fragrant jasmine blossoms. For a subtle fruit flavor, treat your taste buds to Indian black tea blended with rhubarb, wild strawberries and a hint of sunflower petals. Go for something with a tart kick and steep a cup of Ceylon black tea flavored with essences of cherry, strawberry, raspberry and red currant. If you want something more traditional, try a light-bodied Darjeeling blend, also known as the "champagne of teas." Whether you brew them hot for a soothing morning pick-me-up or enjoy them ice cold with a dash of sugar, Dammann Freres Tea blends are sure to delight.

Popular Styles:

While we love the authenticity of loose-leaf tea, Dammann Freres Tea sachets are popular for their convenience. Just pop in a pack, steep for three to five minutes and discard for no-fuss cleanup.

Brand Features:

Hand-picked premium quality tea leaves
  • Available in loose leaf or sachets
  • Decorative packaging makes a great choice for gifts
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