The right dinnerware makes it easy to serve food and show off your sense of style. Whether you are picking your very first set or looking for a few pieces to add to your collection, there are dozens of colors and patterns available. Pick bold colors for a festive look or something subdued for a sense of understated elegance.

If you want to make a bold statement with brightly colored plates and bowls, we recommend one of the Fiesta dinnerware sets made by Homer Laughlin. Fiesta dinnerware has a lead-free ceramic glaze to increase durability without compromising safety. Because of its high quality, Fiesta is one of the top brands for those seeking stylish, affordable dinnerware. Floral dinnerware adds a subtle splash of color to any table. Today's floral designs blend the flowers you love with contemporary elements to create an elegant, modern look. Buy a matching set or mix your favorite pieces to create an indoor version of a garden party. Try classic pieces from Lenox or muted floral designs from Paula Deen. Brighten your holiday table with classic patterns from Pfaltzgraff and other companies known for their quality. Stick to classic patterns in shades of red and green, or start a new holiday tradition by choosing bold colors and patterns. A matching gravy boat and serving bowl will tie the whole theme together. Don't feel like you have to pick one dinnerware set and use it consistently. Purchase several sets so that you are always prepared for unexpected guests or special occasions.
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