Doughmakers delivers exceptional bakeware that cooks evenly without the need for a nonstick coating or glazed exterior. The pebbled design created by Doughmakers allows air to flow freely through the pan during cooking, ensuring that dough is evenly heated without unnecessary hot spots that can create especially hard corners or uneven browning. Each pan made by Doughmakers features high-quality construction of sturdy aluminum metal, ensuring that the pans will deliver countless loaves, cookies and cakes. Durable aluminum does not easily rust or stain, and maintains its integrity and appearance over time. Many Doughmakers pans are made in the USA, and most boast a limited lifetime warranty against defects in craftsmanship or materials. Sturdy handles on Doughmakers pans allow for a firm grip, and wide edges make it easy to hold the pans while using mitts. The same strong edges help prevent warping or curling during heating, further ensuring the pans from Doughmakers can withstand the rigors of regular use. The lightweight aluminum materials used in Doughmakers pans also make them easy to lift and maneuver, even when laden with delicious baked treats.

Brand Features:

Pebbled surface that allows proper airflow for baking
  • Quality construction lasts for years
  • Multiple pan styles for specific baked goods
  • Embossed design reduces or eliminates need for nonstick coating
  • Wide edges allow easy grip while wearing mitts
  • Raised edges further improve air circulation

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