Able to absorb five times more than standard dishtowels, Drydock mats offer fast, convenient countertop drying for delicate stemware and other dishes. Theses stable mats keep glassware, prized serving and dining pieces and delicate kitchen tools from sliding on or falling off your counter, reducing breakage and the expense of replacing costly or priceless items. Designed with honeycomb exteriors to speed up the drying process through increased airflow, the mats also allow you to air-dry dishes you don't want to put through the dishwasher, helping you reduce energy consumption. The mats are just as convenient when not in use. They feature a loop for hanging in your kitchen, and they can be draped over dishwasher or oven handles for storage or drying. Antibacterial treatments and fast-drying microfiber construction keep the mats sanitary and diminish the need to wash them after every use. To clean your Drydock mat, just toss it in the washing machine after several uses.

Brand Features:

Stable support for delicate dishes
  • Patented technology for advanced air-drying
  • Convenient cleaning in your washing machine on delicate setting
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