Duralex has supplied tempered glassware to home and commercial kitchens since 1939. As the inventor of the glass tempering process, Duralex has perfected the innovation over time, creating robust glassware that lets you present food and drink in an elegant manner without worrying about delicate crystal. From everyday options, such as tumblers, to specialty serveware, such as ice cream and Middle Eastern-style cups, Duralex makes it easy to set a beautiful table. The tempered glass is impact and chip resistant for long-term use and can withstand extreme temperature changes, so you don't have to worry about pouring cold beverages into warm tumblers. The nonporous glass used in all Duralex construction won't absorb liquid, reducing stains and ensuring each clean glass is sanitary for the next use. Serve appetizers and drinks or entire meals using Duralex products, or opt for items from the brand's oven-safe product lines for baking casseroles and desserts.

Popular Styles:

A great mixing bowl is a must-have for any cook, and we love the glass prep and mixing bowls from Duralex. Keep your eyes on the ingredients at all times to avoid under-mixed areas at the bottom of batter, and rely on Duralex quality to hold up under regular use.

Brand Features:

Stackable designs save space in your cabinets
  • Innovative glass designs are safe for freezer, microwave and dishwasher use without worrying about cracks
  • Safety features decrease risks associated with glass breakage

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