Keep your espresso maker delivering peppy coffee service with the help of Durgol ®. The brand's Swiss Espresso ® decalcifier is safe, friendly to the environment and easy to use. Lime deposits build up over time whenever you heat tap water, and those deposits can eventually damage your coffee machines. With the ability to clean machines that work with pods or capsules as well as manual and automatic espresso makers, Durgol products don't require a long wait for the decalcification process to take action. Using the product on a regular basis to clean out the lines and filters of your machine may extend the life of your espresso maker, increasing the value of your hot-beverage investment. A single portion of the decalcifier — equal to 4.2 fluid ounces — cleans a machine one time. The Durgol formula is designed to protect against corrosion, so it won't damage any components of your delicate coffee machines. Use Durgol in your home, office or commercial kitchen to keep the brew flowing and tasting great. The Swiss Espresso product can also be used to decalcify tea kettles and electric hot water heaters, providing efficient and clean functionality to multiple parts of your kitchen.

Brand Features:

Works with all brands and types of espresso machines
  • Decalcification process works as much as 10 times faster than other cleaners
  • Formula doesn't leave residue in your machines
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