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Elizabeth Karmel's Grill Friends ® tools and accessories make it easy to prepare many of your favorite grilled foods. Try kebab skewers that firmly hold meat and vegetables to ensure foods won't slip off during cooking or specially-crafted metal forks and utensils that make it easy to grab, flip or turn steaks, chicken and other succulent meats. Or choose Elizabeth Karmel's Grill Friends when you’re prepping foods before cooking. Press burgers into the perfect patties for grilled double cheeseburgers or sliders with an Elizabeth Karmel's Grill Friends press designed to help get the right shape every time. Many of the brand's accessories feature silicone handles that resist heat and ensure a firm grip, and basting brushes with extra-long handles allow you to easily apply sauces during the cooking process. Accurate thermometers with a bevy of additional features, including glow-in-the-dark dials and easy-to-read faces, let you know exactly when meats reach a safe temperature. Elizabeth Karmel's Grill Friends products are both safe and effective for preparing meals for friends and family.

Brand Features:

Sturdy metal, wooden or silicone construction lasts for years
  • Extra-long handles on many products simplify reaching over the heat
  • Many handles feature padded or textured grips
  • Cooking tools simplify the process of grilling meats and vegetables

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