Escali digital and manual scales let you measure food and ingredients with precision. They come in a variety of models so you can find the product that meets your unique food measurement needs. Flat scales let you weigh dry ingredients, meats and produce. Some flat scales can be calibrated to account for the weight of a bowl, letting you measure loose or liquid ingredients. Escali also offers scales that conveniently feature built-in bowls. Measurements are especially critical in baking: An extra bit of flour in a cookie recipe, for example, can result in a completely different texture. Individuals with dietary or weight-loss concerns also benefit from food scales, which help calculate the total calorie and fat intake of each meal.

Popular Styles:

Measurements can get confusing with complex recipes, even for experienced cooks. That's why we love the helpful technology offered by Escali's SmartConnect scales. Bluetooth connectivity means you can upload information to your smartphone for assistance with nutrition, conversion and other data.

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One-year limited warranty and a satisfaction guarantee from the brand
  • A variety of quality scales makes it easy to find the functionality you need
  • Highly accurate digital scales provide professional-level measurement
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