Fasta Pasta

The Fasta Pasta cooker creates delectable al dente pasta in half the time by eliminating the need to boil water beforehand. Enjoy perfectly cooked pasta without the time-consuming task of stirring or testing for doneness. The included convenient cooking chart lets you cook for two or design dinner for a crowd. Use the lid to measure exacting servings, and add water to the corresponding line for your serving size. Cooking the pasta is a simple matter of popping the container into your microwave for the desired time. The cooker works with pastas ranging from orzo to lasagna noodles, allowing for a number of delicious dishes that taste as good as those found in high-end bistros. Feel free to cook your favorite wheat-, soy-, corn- and rice-based pastas without fear of the water boiling over, uneven cooking or the pasta sticking to the container. Not just for pasta alone, the Fasta Pasta cooker can be used for making everything from sticky rice to a chocolate birthday cake. The sturdy BPA-free construction of this cooker makes it a portable option for your vacation home or recreational vehicle. Gift it to your favorite college-bound scholar as a convenient tool for in-dorm cooking. The pasta cooker is made in the USA and FDA-approved for use with food, and it's dishwasher safe when placed in the top rack of your dishwasher.
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